The Frutas Bela company was founded in 1998 and is present in the fresh fruits and vegetables distribution business.

Frutas Bela keeps high quality standards and continuously monitors its levels of efficiency in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Over the last few years, the company has been increasingly focusing on exports of different varieties of apples and pears.

Frutas Bela has a fully equipped warehouse with the most modern refrigeration technology and equipment especially suited for its varieties of fruits and vegetables. The Company focuses in the sale of locally produced apples and pears. For those products the company offers:

» Storage
» Conservation
» Calibration
» Packaging

Over the years Frutas Bela has accumulated solid experience dealing with its network of farmers. Using trained and specialized professionals to supervise their produce the Company has been able to achieve a strong degree of excellence in the products it sells.

The apples sold by the Company are produced in very specific conditions, between 500 and 800 meters of altitude, which allows for the development of a unique fruit: the apples become more flavorful and juicier than others of the same varieties grown in other regions.

This has allowed Frutas Bela to sell approximately 6 million kilos of National Apple per year with about 80% being exported.