The apples sold by the Company are produced in very specific conditions, between 500 and 800 meters of altitude, which allows for the development of a unique fruit: the apples become more flavorful and juicier than others of the same varieties grown in other regions.

This has allowed Frutas Bela to sell approximately 3,000 kilograms of National Apple per year with about 80% being exported.

Frutas Belas sells the following varieties of apples and pears:

Golden Delicious Apples
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Golden Apples
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Red Chief Apples
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Royal Gala Apples
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Starking Apples
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Fuji Apples
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Apples Jonagored
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Conference Pears
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Rocha Pears
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Frutas Bela pack its produce in its own boxes with the brand "Frutas Bela". Depending on the market it can pack in several sizes and box types.

The company is located in the northern region of Portugal, in the city Chaves.


It is a well-known fruit from the apple tree, family tree of the Rosaceae and gender Malus.There are more than 7500 species of apples, which are among the numerous hybrids. Are the fruit of temperate and subtropical climates because they require hundreds of hours of cold to bloom.

How to choose:
Apples should be healthy, with no signs of rot or signs of damage caused by pests. The color, brightness and russets change with the variety in question. However, wrinkled skin means dissection of fruit, indicating that it is no longer very fresh. To find out about apple texture, you should be hit lightly with the node of the little finger. The more acute and strong sound, crisper will be the apple.

Its bouquet is one of the more descriptors used to describe other products, whether fruits, perfumes, wines, hygiene products, etc. However, the taste and flavor of apples vary depending on the variety. For example, the Granny Smith apple it has an acidic flavor with a very crispy and fine pulp. Already the Golden Delicious is sweeter, with an aroma reminiscent of wet earth and a more soft and creamy pulp.

How to use:
From salads to more elaborate cooking, going through juices, sweet and even dried fruit, the list of possible uses for the apple seems endless. However, the most common is to wash or peel the apple and consume it the natural.

Nutritive Value:
It is an excellent food for preventing a high cholesterol level because the pectin is in the shell prevents the absorption of large amounts of fats by our organism. It has a high content of potassium and phosphorus considerable levels, vitamin B1 and B2.


Because the apple of Portugal, has another flavor!

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