Fuji Apples


The Fuji apple is a cross between "Red Delicious" and "Ralls". Was introduced in Japan in 1962, as a juicy apple, firm, crisp, fine texture and spicy flavor, high sugar content and low acidity. The bark ranges from yellowish-green with red spots and bright red.

How to consume
A fruit known throughout the world could only have endless uses. Since the natural foods until used in alcoholic drinks like cider or wine.

How to choose / maintain
Prefer hard, smooth apples and avoid touched fruits. To remain fresh and with the same nutritional value, store them unwashed in the refrigerator. Apples stored outside the refrigerator tend to get floury.

Main nutrients
Calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorous, proteins, vitamins A, B and C.

The name originates on Mount Fuji.