Royal Gala Apples


The Royal Gala is of New Zealand origin of the 60s and is a cross between apple "Kidd's Orange" and "Golden Delicious".

How to consume
The Royal Gala apple is perfect for pies, for baking in sauces or simply to eat natural. They are also a nice ingredient for salads.

How to choose / maintain
Prefer hard, smooth apples and avoid touched fruits. PTo remain fresh and with the same nutritional value, store them unwashed in the refrigerator. Apples stored outside the refrigerator tend to get floury.

Main nutrients
Fiber, calcium, iron, Carbon Hydrates and Vitamin C.

The Royal Gala apple was created in New Zealand and is a red mutation of the variety Gala. The Royal Gala is among the world's best apple varieties and is the second most produced variety in New Zealand.