Apples Jonagored

Originally the USA (New York), this form of fruit type Golden Delicious, regular, slightly elongated, shows an average stem, the surface is striated slightly reddish yellow background.

The pulp is fine, juices, consistent, acidic, balanced, pleasantly scented with very good quality, and the fruits at harvest state should have a hardness of pulp from 6.0 to 7.0 kg / 0.5 cm 2, and the refractive index must report to more than 12% (Brix).

The average size is usually large: 75 to 85 mm which corresponds to the 210 the 230 grams weight.

The harvest season of the range is between mid to late September requiring successive harvests (weeding) and their preservation in good condition is about five months in conventional atmosphere (normal) and 8 months in controlled atmosphere.