Rocha Pears

The Rocha Pears  has a clear yellow or green skin and oval shape. The white pulp is tough, juicy and sweet.

How to consume
Can consume the most green pears and crunchy natural. If you prefer sweeter, soft and juicy, wait until they acquire yellow tones. Cold or at room temperature, treat yourself to the Rocha Pear in salads, sweets, with yogurt and as an accompaniment to game dishes.

How to choose / maintain
Prefer pears no stains or cuts.
If they are not mature, store them at room temperature until slightly yield to the touch. When ripe can also store them in the refrigerator.

Main nutrients
Calcium, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, iron Vitamin A and C.

Studies in the pulp and peel the pears Comice varieties, Pass Crassane, General Leclerc, Abate and Rocha Pear emphasize the high content of phenolic compounds in Rocha Pear. Among the phenolic compounds are chlorogenic acid, syringic, ferulic, coumaric acid and arbutin. Phenolic compounds are known for their strong antioxidant capacity. There is a significant correlation between the concentration of phenolic compounds and the capacity of elimination of free radicals.